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Note: 1, more than the price for the ex-factory price, namely Shenzhen Creation ex factory price, excluding taxes, transportation costs, insurance, and other related costs.
2, charge d'affaires mode of transport for: A, the buyer designated shipping company B, commissioned by the seller the buyer looking for freight transport company C, insurance
3, packaging: According to my Secretary carton foam packaging products + Mukuang.
4, inspection Address: Creation factory in Shenzhen
A, the buyer directly to the creation factory inspection
B, the buyer commissioned a third-party inspection
C, the buyer commissioned by the seller inspection
5, warranty: Since October 2007, from where I purchased the Secretary for retention of goods seized products alone (product base), was entitled to free warranty service, in the absence of goods seized are not alone, or tearing up the warranty.
6, the warranty period and scope: from the factory within a year from the date of Fei Renwei because of quality problems caused by the Division I free warranty.
7, B for the design and development of its own products, provided to the Party A Party B only for display or sale of used, Party A will be allowed to imitation and turned the system, if confirmed, Party B will be held liable by the Party To pay Party B product development costs (15% of its total turnover).
8, the receipt of goods immediately devanning acceptance if they are damaged goods to face-to-face communication with the trucking company, if a product is found itself in the quality of products received the Secretary for the month and I; Secretary for overstaying I will not be dealt with. For the inconvenience, after updating.
9, as the buyer in the acceptance of qualified non-payment within one month after delivery, the seller will be the amount of orders 3 ‰ warehouse rental charge per day if the qualified acceptance is not within two months after the delivery of payment, the seller the right to self - To deal with the consignments and deposit not be returned.

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