Sanya, Hainan will build the world's second seven-star hotel


Jindianjituan with the 100-year-old Fairmont Hotels in Sanya, signed the domestic first seven-star hotel, "hotel Linfeiermeng mangrove," commissioned by the management agreement, which is following the Dubai, United Arab Emirates "yachting hotel," the world's second home Seven-star hotel.

It is understood that "mangrove Linfeiermeng hotel," Begonia at Sanya Bay, Hainan provincial government approved by the planning, as "National Marine", with a total area of about 150 square kilometers.

Jindianjituan chairman of the board, said Zhang Baoquan, with the cooperation of the Fairmont will not involve funding. "Mangrove Linfeiermeng" of the hotel building, will invest Jindianjituan from 1,500,000,000 to 2,000,000,000 yuan during the year started, all-round opening in 2011. Hotel Yacht Design will design the hotel and Eerjinsi of the world's top design firms to bear.


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