Chengdu accommodation catering business scale back to pre-earthquake


Three quarters of our city to restore consumer goods market continued to show growth, particularly in accommodation catering business with the scale of growth has been restored to pre-earthquake levels. Reporters from the city yesterday, 1-Business Council was informed in September retail sales of consumer goods in the city to achieve 118,420,000,000 yuan, representing growth of 19.9 percent over the same period last year, excluding Dujiangyan, Pengzhou city disaster factors, the growth rate of year-on-year to reach 23.0 percent.

Food industry to gradually resume

Statistics show that 1-September, the city limits for more than retail sales of wholesale and retail enterprises 48,420,000,000 yuan, up 29.8 percent, compared to January-March increase of 39.7 percent, 1-June increase 33.1 percent, the third quarter of the size of the enterprise sales Slow growth.

January to September, the star-level hotels and catering enterprises above the limit turnover 22,520,000,000 yuan, up 23.1 percent. By the business, convention, tourism warmer direct role, in the third quarter retail sales of catering industry to achieve accommodation 7,980,000,000 yuan, up 26.9 percent, the business scale and growth has been restored to pre-earthquake levels, compared to 13.1 percent in May-June Growth rate has doubled.


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