Autodesk will be digital for the first time the introduction of stone carving art in Shanghai


From the world of two-dimensional, three-dimensional digital design software industry leader Autodesk (Autodesk Inc.) Sino-US joint plastic arts master planning, organization of "science and technology with the perfect blend of art," as the theme of digital stone of the National Tour (Shanghai ) In Shanghai Duolun Modern Art Museum officially began.The tour lasted three months, via Beijing (Museum of Art today), Shanghai (Duolun Modern Art Museum) and Chongqing (Ornamented Zither Gallery) in the three places, is a digital art sculpture in the domestic debut. Works perfectly shows the only company Autodesk's global technology and innovative design concept, as well as science and technology and art of cross-border cooperation provides a classic example.

The exhibition of dozens of digital sculptures from the United States by the well-known modern sculpture artist Bruce Beasley •, • Kenneth Snelson, Jon Isherwood and Robert • • • Michael Smith, using the latest digital Design technology, and high levels of the local Chinese sculptor's support and cooperation, after a few months to complete. In the process of carving, first of all, artists from the United States to use Autodesk's three-dimensional digital design solutions in the virtual environment design, analysis, simulation and modeling.Later, the Chinese sculptor in the light of their three-dimensional printing rapid prototyping equipment to produce physical models, hand-carved in order to complete these works. Chinese Sculpture Association Mr. Tang Yao served as the curator of the exhibition stone, and has been accompanied by a number of Chinese art with full. Sculpture, vice president of the China Institute of Shanghai Academy of Art University, vice president of Mr. Yang Jianping, and other well-known sculpture artist, also attended the opening ceremony.

• Global Autodesk CEO Carl Bass said: "Autodesk is the world's longest covered by the most extensive product line and the design of the software industry and has been working with innovative digital technology to enhance the level of design, digital solutions to help users The realization of the dream innovative.Digital stone carving art in part to show our innovative technology, and artists use these technologies in promoting the development of the arts to achieve results. We also hope that through this exhibition, to a broader range of Chinese clients and the public to introduce this new form of art and innovation behind the technology, and promote China's science and technology and art the process of integration with the world. "

Sculpture exhibition of American Masters • Bruce Beasley said, "With Autodesk's most advanced digital design software, artists can try any computer without having to entities in the materials on time, a wonderful feeling. "

Stone in the digital creative process, the Autodesk Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Maya, Autodesk AliasStudio and Autodesk Inventor, such as digital design solutions to show their talents.One, Autodesk 3ds Max and Autodesk Maya was also widely used in 3D animation and visual effects production, Autodesk AliasStudio is the top choice for automotive designers, and Autodesk Inventor is a prototype digital manufacturing solutions, the cornerstone.

Digital stone carving art has been abroad for more than 20 years of history in China are just emerging art form. The Autodesk Digital stone early in the tour on October 9 for the first time landing in Beijing, capital and access to the arts community and the public's attention.This is also a tour of the Autodesk in January this year in Shanghai set up its R & D center in the world's largest - Autodesk China Research Institute, Chinese efforts to promote local design-to-date technology and application of another important wrote.

Students will also be held during the exhibition free of charge, so that the design of Chinese young talents have the opportunity to experience Autodesk's innovative idea to create this art feast. The public also can be found at Autodesk's Digital Home Network stone exhibition area.


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