30 years of Chinese culture: urban sculpture with the times


City sculpture can be said to be 30 years of reform and opening up the fastest-growing categories of the arts. Today, China's cities and towns almost every urban sculpture can be seen throughout the streets, scenic areas, parks, schools, plant, the community, the square, and most of the cities and towns to become a landmark building, but also by government departments at all levels attach great importance to the From the investment, the appointment of artists to design, as an important urban development planning.Nanchang in Jiangxi Province, for example, the last in the early 1980s, only a few small sculptures, now here has developed into a landscape sculpture by the city, sculptures everywhere. Chinese Fan Dian curator of the Museum of the view that since the reform and opening-up, through the efforts of several generations of artists, Chinese sculpture into the urban space, to participate in urban construction, the creation of a city's cultural image and rich social life has played an important role. 30 cities in China with the development of the sculpture accumulated achievements of the Chinese art and an important symbol of the times.

By the end of October in Nanchang, Jiangxi organized by the First National City Sculpture Forum, more than 120 sculptors, painters, critics, architects, planning experts and Jiangxi Party and government leaders together to recall the city demonstrated in the past and the future of the sculpture.

Witness the vivid social life

30 years of reform and opening up, China is rapidly developing cities in 30 years, social life and urban environment, landscape construction, design blocks have made great achievements. Changes in the city witnessed 30 years of reform and opening up of roads, and urban sculpture also witnessed the development of the city's history.

A special guest, physicist Chen Ning Yang: urban sculpture is part of urban culture, in the 30-year history has become of great significance to the Chinese culture. National Steering Committee for the building of urban sculpture and art director of the Chinese Academy of sculpture, said to Wu: China's reform and opening up access to economic construction as the center of the times, Chengdiao also showed the all-round development trend, which is the city's economic growth, changes in the way of life .In the subject matter, from a single political history of the development of the performance of the ordinary life of a concrete manifestation, such as "Zhuhai female fish" and "pioneers" and so on, there remain those of Beijing Wangfujing street scenes of the life history of that people-oriented spirit Society is dominated. In the form of performance, from the simple realism to the development of abstract imagery, aesthetic, both symbols, indicating people's aesthetic vision to expand, expand the art form, art and more to the development, such as "May the wind," "Nanjing Massacre" And so on.In materials, from stone to the development of the production of stainless steel, colorful and even the use of photo and sound of water, which is reflected in the progress of science and technology. In the scene, no longer limited to the central square, schools and door factory, which marks the people's understanding of the concept of the sculpture forward.

Housing and urban and rural areas, vice minister of the Ministry of Construction, the National Steering Committee for the building of urban sculpture Qiu, director of the message that: urban sculpture as a public art can reflect the city's cultural connotation and temperament, the image can reflect the spirit and character of the city , Advanced culture and the city is an effective carrier.High-quality works of art and art allocation of resources in the public space, urban residents can accept close-up aesthetic experience, to meet the aesthetic demands. Central Academy of Fine Arts Professor Shao Zhen large: in a public space Chengdiao is a kind of "forced" the visual arts, people have to accept the daily culture of radiation. Chengdiao good work so that people can unknowingly subjected to a culture of dip. Will be seen as a Chengdiao public art, it should be said that Chengdiao understanding of the concept of the biggest changes.

The growing ranks of creative

Since reform and opening up Chengdiao number of works have been numerous creators only be "urban sculpture certificate" on up to 1,100 people, has been formed, including the sculptor, architect, planner, landscape designers, construction engineers, Art and Design, a large team of experts. Due to the rapid urban development, the market's rapid economic development, governments at all levels of importance, but also created a demand for very large market. In recent years, Chengdiao investment, increasing production, the artist's income has improved significantly, so that the content of Chengdiao economic, social surge in the value of content.

Zhongguomeixie sculpture Yang-sheng, director of the Arts Council, said: Chengdiao reform and opening up of China has brought the best opportunity in 30 years created an unprecedented number, covers a very wide, into the social life into the public space has become Essential part of the city. Chinese Academy of Engineering He Jingtang in the Opium War and the Aquarium of the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall in the successful example of Introduction of the architecture and sculpture of a perfect combination."In the past, with visual-based sculpture, architecture has become now. It can be said that the construction of sculpture, architecture and sculpture," his praise Road. At the same time, he also believes that an increasing number of construction, some of the sculptures not only with organic, and also has, naturally, social harmony with the local geography, history and the humanities together. Wu Shan Chengdiao works from the development stage to prove the Chengdiao advance with the times.In his view: the first phase of the technology is mainly symbolic, since at the time when the emphasis on science and technology are primary productive forces of the period, more than 600 cities nationwide, particularly in the development zone, almost all of this mode; Swan is the second phase of the community to increase girls Feelings, because at this time when the small residential building and garden Jiexin period of rapid growth;The third stage is the traditional customs and historical figures, at this time because it is vigorously carry forward the traditional culture of the time; is now the fourth stage, Chengdiao increasingly showing their works of art of public property, because the public's enthusiasm to participate in urban construction is to improve .

Improve the cultural quality to be

Today, Chinese society has entered a period of all-round development, a new round of urban construction is in full swing, increasing the size of cities, the growing diversity of architectural style, way of life continue to expand, these sculptures are for the city to provide a broader space of the new requirements. However, it should be noted that in general Chengdiao and Urban Development is not coordinated, yet organically integrated into urban planning, its lack of function of the depth of understanding of cultural products as a public access is not enough to improve standards. This is the Fan Dian.

Chengdiao culture of quality needs to be raised, but also many of the artists. Shao Zhen large: the market due to high demand, some artists to pursue immediate, eager to make money, do not consider the product's culture. Chengdiao Committee of the National Arts Council money Shaowu consultants: the lack of cultural content comes from the theory of lack of experience seems to be the only formula in a variety of roles from the truth.National Steering Committee for the building of urban sculpture, executive deputy director Chen Xiaoli all types of problems will be summed up as: Chengdiao some idea is not high ideological and artistic flat, not too much vitality; Chengdiao some of the wooden style, a lack of content, although some carved , But there is no creativity and vitality of the "routine";There are also works of sculpture blindly imitate the West, similar to one another, artificial; some of the work away from society and public opinion, these people standing on the street just pass the sculpture. She also believes that many of the Chengdiao with the external environment, urban integrated human temperament, so they can not get the aesthetic effect, not reflected in its public nature.

Many experts pointed out that construction Chengdiao the lack of appropriate procedures, said Ma started on the great potential of over-production. Some local construction sculpture garden area is too large, there is no corresponding experts and the public to participate in the discussion. They look forward to, Chengdiao project should be approved as soon as possible to establish reasonable procedures to listen to views from large-scale projects require the approval of the local People's Congress before implementation.

Let Chengdiao in the cultural life of our country play a greater role in the Chengdiao let people enjoy more aesthetic taste, which is to participate in all high-level forum of artists, scientists desire.                          Source: People's Network


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